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In the fractured space year of 198X, the world is on the brink of destruction. E.L.O.R.G, a multinational, trillion-dollar megacorp devises the ultimate plan for total world domination. Piggybacking off of the coding of an unknown programmer, E.L.O.R.G plans to launch SITTERØ. Originally released years back the source originally contained a game called “Tetris,” a highly addictive puzzle video game that had test subjects in E.L.O.R.G. research labs practically unable to stop playing. Though a series of gameplay tweaks, they had a piece of software that bonded with the synapses in a subject’s brain, interfering with their daily lives and leaving them at the mercy of E.L.O.R.G.
In late 198X, the scientists publish their modified version of Tetris on the Gameboy, a new system designed and published by another diabolical tentacle of E.L.O.R.G. Through a front company named BULLET PROOF SOFTWARE, Tetris for the Gameboy is met with critical reception, followed by mass adoption of the general public. Reviews spread in magazines, television ads spread the message of E.L.O.R.G. to each and every single soul left of the face of the earth. The remaining members of the once resilient resistance spread word of a life habilitating condition brought about by SITTERØ. Calling it 24 HOUR TETRIS, the members noticed that all of their family and friends had around a day left of their life to break their spell, or else they become empty shells of E.L.O.R.G., forced to do their bidding. With nothing left, the few souls are left to hope for a hero, a one man who can dive into the heart of SITTERØ’S MCP and break the spell of Tetris. He who dares has to defeat Type-A by racking up 100 lines, a feat not even dreamed by the craziest of madmen from the maddest of the madhouses.
Time stops for no man, and in 199X, only one man remains. YOU are the LAsT MAN oN EARtH. ThE FATE oF ThE WORlD ReSTS in YouR HANDS, AGENT PAIJITNOV. YOU MUsT DeSTROY ThAT WHICH yOU ONCE CreaTED. FAILURE WIlL MEAN DOOM FoR THE HUMAN RACE…


released September 17, 2015

Props to the original MIDI composer and to my fabulous beta listeners Cole Carpenter, Justin Edgar and Holden Amorello. I never would have figured out how much I love dramatic pauses if it were for you.




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